Works on Paper

Self-Guided Tour1k SunsCoiled JoyConclusionlessnessConfluants A & BDiagram of the Before and AfterField FocusFlucht PunktHypno EcstasyMorphogenesisOxygen SutraPromising ConditionsSpeaking in LightSuper FocusThe Here and Now has Come and GoneThe Second Ocean ProblemThe Skin of AppearanceThe Source of NowWe Now Think Outside Our BodiesAnimated LightBlind MindBliss WishContinuous BecomingDark AttractorsDiamondback CheckerboardEverything is on its Way to Becoming Something ElseLiminal DisplacementModest MysteryPocket UniverseResting at the Speed of LightSulphur JargonThe Second MorningAlmost Something From Nearly NothingAs if ForeverCone PerspectiveDark LightDense ImmensityEnergy XferFused MuseMorphoniaNearer MirrorPersona CoronaPersonal InfinityPogo LogosPsychotopographyShared MindTandem TangoThe Finite ForeverThe Self-evident MysteryThe Sublime EtceteraThingness (Crystalized Energy)Trance StanceTriple DifferentialAlmost InfinityAnitya RisingCarbon SpecterConchaConcha IIIForm and FieldJiva RadarLenticular "I"Lo-Fi RomanceMr. HeliumOpen EnclosurePhosphene IIPhosphene IVPhosphene VPhosphene VIShade MatrixSplendorla StudySplendorla Study IIStudy for Private HorizonStudy for Private Horizon IIStudy for Private Horizon IIIStudy for Private Horizon IVThe Body ElectricThe Inevitable IThe Irrefutable IsVoidoid StudyWombat CombatLing Pao and the Primordial DarknessPhospheneIndia DrawingIndia Drawing IV