Works on Paper

1k Suns
Coiled Joy
Confluants A & B
Diagram of the Before and After
Field Focus
Flucht Punkt
Hypno Ecstasy
Oxygen Sutra
Promising Conditions
Speaking in Light
Super Focus
The Here and Now has Come and Gone
The Second Ocean Problem
The Skin of Appearance
The Source of Now
We Now Think Outside Our Bodies
Animated Light
Blind Mind
Bliss Wish
Continuous Becoming
Dark Attractors
Diamondback Checkerboard
Everything is on its Way to Becoming Something Else
Liminal Displacement
Modest Mystery
Pocket Universe
Resting at the Speed of Light
Sulphur Jargon
The Second Morning
Almost Something From Nearly Nothing
As if Forever
Cone Perspective
Dark Light
Dense Immensity
Energy Xfer
Fused Muse
Nearer Mirror
Persona Corona
Personal Infinity
Pogo Logos
Shared Mind
Tandem Tango
The Finite Forever
The Self-evident Mystery
The Sublime Etcetera
Thingness (Crystalized Energy)
Trance Stance
Triple Differential
Almost Infinity
Anitya Rising
Carbon Specter
Concha III
Form and Field
Jiva Radar
Lenticular "I"
Lo-Fi Romance
Mr. Helium
Open Enclosure
Phosphene II
Phosphene V
Phosphene VI
Shade Matrix
Splendorla Study
Splendorla Study II
Study for Private Horizon
Study for Private Horizon II
Study for Private Horizon III
Study for Private Horizon IV
The Body Electric
The Inevitable I
The Irrefutable Is
Voidoid Study
Wombat Combat
Ling Pao and the Primordial Darkness
India Drawing
India Drawing IV