B.A. (Art and Architecture), Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1979

M.A. (Painting), Royal College of Art, London, England, 1981

Awards & Grants

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant — 1988

Special Award, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, All California ’84, Juror: Henry Hopkin — 1984

Public Art Commissions

Yab-Yum, permanent sculpture installation for Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Herald Square Subway Complex, New York, NY — 1995

The Geometry of Light, sculpture installation for TASOC, Demarest, NJ — 2015

Public and Corporate Collections

Keyspan Collection, Brooklyn, NY

Ise Art Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York, NY

Rubin Baum Levin Constant & Friedman, New York, NY

Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA

University of California, San Diego, CA

Unilever Ltd., London, England

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT

One & Two Person Exhibitions

Captured Spaces, Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY — 2021

Proto-Possibilities, Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY — 2018

Private Horizon sculpture installation, Rye Arts Center, Rye, NY — 2017

Splendorla sculpture installation, Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2017

The Black Drawings, Bau Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2017

The Inability of the Radius to Know the Circumference installation, Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2016

Divinings, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY — 2013

Converging/Parallel, (with Ann Provan), Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY — 2012

Sculpture, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY — 2011

Three Kinds of Change, Mobil Building Lobby, 150 E.42nd St. New York, NY — 1999

David Provan, Ryota Tanabe, Ise Art Foundation, New York, NY — 1994

Sculptures, Mindy Oh Gallery, Chicago, IL — 1994

David Provan: Recent Sculpture, Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY — 1991

Wall Alters, Wenger Gallery, San Diego, CA — 1984

David Provan, Claremont Graduate School Gallery, Claremont, CA — 1983

Other Perspectives, Sushi Gallery, San Diego, CA — 1983

Triangularium, Crumley Gallery, Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA — 1983

Intuitive Maps and Mandalas, Wenger Gallery, San Diego, CA — 1982

Davenport College, Yale University, New Haven, CT — 1979

Group Exhibitions

Form, Height, Width, Depth,, Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY — 2020

Small Sculptures: Big Impact, Strohl Art Center, Chautauqua Institution, NY — 2019

Wilderstein Sculpture Biennial, Wilderstein Historic Site, Rhinebeck, NY — 2019

International Sculpture Day, Contemporary Art, Kiersted House, Saugerties, NY — 2018

Gamut: A Group Show About Color, Cross Contemporary Art, Saugerties, NY — 2017

Highland Falls Artwalk, Eisenhower Leadership Center, West Point, NY — 2015

The Farm Project, Collaborative Concepts, Garrison, NY — 2015

B&Wx4, Hudson Beach Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2014

This Brief Moment x 2, sculpture installation, BAU Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2014

Under the Influence, Belskie Museum, Closter, NJ — 2014

Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY — 2013

Constructs, Marina Gallery, Cold Spring, NY — 2013

Contemporary Couples, Strohl Gallery, Chautauqua Institute, NY — 2013

Elegy, Theo Ganz Gallery, Beacon, NY — 2013

Melvin Johnson Sculpture Garden Exhibition, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua Institution, NY — 2013

The Farm Project 2012, Collaborative Concepts, Garrison, NY — 2012

CURRENT 2011, Garrison Art Center, Boscobel House and Garden, Garrison, NY — 2011

Lasting Impressions: Contemporary Takes on Ephemerality, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY — 2011

Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY — 2010

PHOTOcentric, (Curated by Stephen Shore & Harvey Stein), Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY — 2010

Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm, Garrison , NY — 2009

PHOTOcentric, (Curated by Malcolm Daniel & Alice Rose George), Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY — 2009

Collaborative Concepts, Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY — 2008

Along the Way: MTA Arts for Transit, UBS Gallery, New York, NY — 2005

Through the Looking Glass, theXpo, Brooklyn, NY — 2004

Marking Places that Matter, The Urban Center, New York, NY — 2003

Exhibition, Doral Bank, New York, NY — 2002

Cultured Pearl, Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea — 1996

Conceptual Documents for Impossible Art, Gallery 473, New York, NY — 1995

Group Show, Mindy Oh Gallery, Chicago, IL — 1994

Influenced by Architecture, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA — 1994

Lyric Thought, Lyric Form, Parkland College Art Gallery, Champaign, IL — 1992

Freedom of Speech, University of California, Berkeley, CA — 1990

Invitational 1990, Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY — 1990

Mixed Messages, Ruggiero Henis Gallery, New York, NY — 1989

Invitational, 55 Mercer Street Gallery, New York, NY — 1988

Sculpture, Wenger Gallery, Los Angeles, CA — 1988

Sculpture, Soho Center for Visual Artists, New York, NY — 1987

Fetish Art: Obsessive Expressions, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL — 1986

Heads, Mokotoff Gallery, New York, NY — 1986

New Artists/New Work, Marianne Deson Gallery, Chicago, IL — 1985

All California ’84, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, CA — 1984

Target L.A.: The Art of Survival, Los Angeles Artists for Survival, CA — 1983


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